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Luke Nevill | Kurve


“Too many businesses/people are doing repetitive tasks that end up taking majority of your time (these tasks compound over time). – onboarding – training – data entry – data analysis

However for efficiency you need to be in in a place that can be creative and productive allowing growth and momentum to build.  For example, when I start with a new client I would create the new folders, client brief, reporting sheets, clickup tasks for team and so on.  Now I fill in one form and Voilà all sorted.

I recently worked with Sonal Bhaskaran and she helped to brainstorm a bunch of these processes to make them more efficient/logical.  In my case I’m already very systems oriented however Sonal managed to help me take things back to basics and work on my ICP. I know the importance of my clients ICP, but being human I neglected this myself.

We worked on who, what, where, why and how. This helped improve my systems further (because things became repeatable and relatively automated).

I’d recommend connecting with her”

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Tom Kelly | Kurve


“I’d very much recommend working with Sonal!

A very talented project manager, extremely easy to work with and helped me to build out the systems & processes I needed to scale.”

Shaian Nouri | Kurve


I had a great experience with Sonal as she guided me through frameworks to simplify my work.

She helped me delegate, streamline & automate. I would recommend this to anybody – it’s an investment that will pay itself .


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Richard Gibbons | Boost My Customers


Thank you for the incredible work you have done for me and my clients.  You put together an incredible package which has transformed how my business gets results.

Your changes have doubled my clients results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Nick Othen | Triple 888 SEO


One of the biggest challenges I faced was working out a pricing structure that is both competitive and reflects what I am worth.  After working with Sonal, I now have a simplified service offering with tailored packages to suit my clients needs with a developed price matrix structure. My profit margins have increased dramatically.


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Sarah O'Donoghue | Optio Business Services


My business was growing quickly. I felt overwhelmed with the thought of it all and didn't know where to start. Sonal gave me a new pricing structure and processes, even suggestions for how to scale the business in 3 to 5 years!

The business has grown from just me to 9 people . All this in 2 months!

Jessica Cohen | Forty Four Media & Fourthwall Collective


Sonal was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped me identify areas of my business that could have been streamlined and helped me refine my processes in order to be most efficient and beneficial for growth and development.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone, incredible service and such a lovely person to work with!

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