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Before you throw more resources and money at an existing problem, watch this free training to learn how and what to simplify in your business in order to grow & scale profitably with peace of mind while getting more time back in your life. 

By watching the training on the next page you'll discover: 

  • 3 vital keys to unlock more capacity to handle more clients while getting back more time. 
  • How to work with more of the clients you WANT to work with 
  • How to increase your revenue and accelerate profits
  • How to deliver the services that attract more business without undervaluing yourself. 

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...such as the results my clients have got from my Simply Scaled Accelerator and they now: 

  • Work 3 days p/w, investing 50% of that time to marketing and sales
  • Save 40-70 hours p/m on service delivery
  • Bring in 2 x and 3 x more revenue
  • Work with clients they love to work with
  • Turn down problem clients and projects
  • Convert over 50% of leads (from under 20%)
  • Get back control of their time 
  • Take 3 week long vacations every 12 weeks. 
  • Enjoy life and love their businesses again
  • Have businesses that run without them

You're here because...

  • You're serious about growing or scaling your business 
  • You want things in place that help your business handle current and future growth in the best way possible
  • You're committed to long term change and not short term fixes
  • You want the freedom of time while generating more money 
  • You want your business to  handle 50 or even 100 clients as well as it  can 10 without impacting your time
  • You want to have a seamlessly running business that makes you more money without more overwhelm..
  • You want time to enjoy your life more than you are at the moment


You're fed up of working in chaos with long hours, feeling overwhelmed and being spread so thin across everything.

There's so much advice online but you have zero time to research so you rely on recommendations of others to get  the right systems in place for your business. 

You're told that you NEED to be on CRM x, task management tool y, and accounting system z. 

You're told that you need an ideal client avatar, to "niche" down, market more, do less, delegate and outsource - but what does that even mean?  And where do you even start? 

I'm super grateful that you've read this far, as it all starts here. 

You've Read This Far, So Now What? 


Are you willing and committed to doing the work and attending the sessions?

If not, I understand, but please DO NOT book this call. This is not a self learn DIY course.

I provide a lot of free advice, tips and steps on social media so do take what you feel you need and come back when you will ready to do the work and be committed enough to achieve the results that you really desire. 

If you're ready to commit and serious about investing your time into growing your business, read below to see what you get from me, click the APPLY NOW button that will take you to my calendar app where:

  • You select the date and time of your free discovery session that works for you
  • You complete an application form that will help me  prepare for our session
  • Turn up for your session with me to help you get ready to grow and scale! 

The Simply Scaled Accelerator

What You Get

  • Simplified, streamlined and profitable processes that will increase your capacity to serve more clients,
  • increase profits and get back more time
  • A proven 9 step business streamlining path, Simply Scaled
  • A structured programme over 90 days
  • Redesigned customer journey and project management/service delivery process
  • Systems and apps recommendations based on vendor analysis specifically for your business
  • Assistance with implementing new changes into your business
  • A combination of twice a week group sessions and dedicated 1-2-1 sessions via Zoom
  • Additional training spotlight sessions every two weeks
  • Video training, worksheets and assignments for each of the 9 modules
  • Access to submit feedback and queries to Sonal at any point in the programme
  • Support between sessions via exclusive online group with additional live training
  • Free ongoing group support community online after completion of Simply Scaled
  • Lifetime access to members only pricing for 1-2-1 consulting and coaching sessions with Sonal Bhaskaran
  • Lifetime access to course materials, updates and our resource library

Check Out What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say



Richard Gibbons | Boost My Customers


Thank you for the incredible work you have done for me and my clients.  You put together an incredible package which has transformed how my business gets results.

Your changes have doubled my clients results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Nick Othen | Triple 888 SEO


One of the biggest challenges I faced was working out a pricing structure that is both competitive and reflects what I am worth.  After working with Sonal, I now have a simplified service offering with tailored packages to suit my clients needs with a developed price matrix structure. My profit margins have increased dramatically.


Sarah O'Donoghue | Optio Business Services


My business was growing quickly. I felt overwhelmed with the thought of it all and didn't know where to start. Sonal gave me a new pricing structure and processes, even suggestions for how to scale the business in 3 to 5 years!

The business has grown from just me to 9 people . All this in 2 months!

Jessica Cohen | Forty Four Media & Fourthwall Collective


Sonal was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped me identify areas of my business that could have been streamlined and helped me refine my processes in order to be most efficient and beneficial for growth and development.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone, incredible service and such a lovely person to work with!